How to Watch the FMF High Point National

Lucas Oil Motocross hits the East Coast on Saturday for a stop at High Point Raceway. Read on to get the info on how to watch.


Moto 1
Time: 1pm ET/10am PT
Watch on: FUEL TV,

The action moves to the East Coast this weekend, meaning an earlier start time than our other races so far this year. The first motos will air starting at 1pm ET/10am PT. As always, you can flip the dial to Fuel TV for live coverage, or go online to check out the live stream free of charge.

After both of the men's motos wraps up, stick around on the Alli Sports live stream for exclusive live coverage of the 2nd WMX moto shortly after. (There will be a brief intermission for track maintenance, but we’ll bring you the action once the gate drops.)

The opening motos will always be archived in full in the "Highlights" section of the live stream player as soon as the races conclude.

How to find Fuel TV on some major television providers:

  • DIRECTV – Channel 618
  • DISH Network – Channel 398
  • Verizon FiOS – Channel 198
  • AT&T U-verse – Channel 536

*Check local listings for cable operators

Moto 2
Time: 5-7pm ET/2-4pm PT
Watch on: NBC Sports Network

The 2nd set of motos will air back-to-back LIVE on NBC Sports Network starting at 5pm ET. The 450 race will be shown at 5pm ET, with the 2nd 250 moto to air immediately after.

There is a very good chance that you do have NBC Sports Network. Before the channel was renamed in January, it was known as Versus for several years. If you still aren't sure where to find NBC Sports Network, or aren't positive if you have it, visit this link and enter your zip code in the "NBC Sports Network Channel Finder" to see a list of cable and satellite providers in the area that offer it, and what the corresponding channel number is.

How to find NBC Sports Network on some major providers:

  • DIRECTV – Channel 603 & 604 (Alternate)
  • DISH Network – Channel 151
  • Verizon FiOS – Channel 90 & 590 (HD)
  • AT&T U-verse – Channel 640 & 1640 (HD)

*Check local listings for cable operators

Time: 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT on Wednesday
Watch on: NBC Sports Network,

Each week, the Lucas Oil Motocross Highlight Show will take you back through the past weekend of racing. (Check the TV schedule for the airtime each week.) The High Point edition of the highlight show will air next Wednesday night at 11:30pm ET on NBC Sports Network. There will also be short-form highlights posted on the Lucas Oil Motocross series website ( all weekend long.


Moto 1
Time: 1pm EDT/5pm GMT
Watch on:

Fans in other countries will also be able to catch the live stream on The race starts two hours earlier than last week at 5pm GMT (which is 1pm Eastern Daylight Time in the USA), and if you are unsure what time that is in your timezone, visit this website to figure out your local time.

Moto 2
Time: 5pm EDT/9pm GMT
Watch on: ESPN Brazil, ESPN Latin America, Speed Australia, FUEL TV Europe

2nd motos in the 450 and 250 classes will air live on the following channels internationally: ESPN Brazil, ESPN Latin America, Speed Australia and FUEL TV Europe. Again, visit this website to figure out local time in your area relative to 9pm GMT.

Countries that get FUEL TV Europe include: Portugal, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Cape Verde, Croatia.