250MX: Champion Zach Osborne ends season with commanding sweep at Ironman

By Ryne Dickens

August 26, 2017

It's official: 2017 is the year of Zach Osborne.

Zach Osborne takes both motos at Ironman, for his 9th and 10th moto wins of the 2017 season. (Photo: Rich Shepherd / Racer X Online)

The championship was settled last weekend, but you didn’t really expect these 250 Class boys to lay up did you? There were still bragging rights on the line headed into the off-season, as well as that boost of confidence for next year. Many of these riders want to end the season with a win, including Aaron Plessinger in front of the hometown fans. Adam Cianciarulo looked confident and hungry this morning during qualifying and Osborne would obviously like to show why he’s the Champion and take the overall.
Check out the break down from each moto below.
Ironman 250 Moto 1
Looking to improve from last weekend’s tip over, Jeremy Martin rocketed off with the holeshot. Martin was leading, but eventually went down about five minutes into the race after a collision with Cianciarulo. Cianciarulo was looking super confident and aggressive at the start of the moto.
Another GEICO Honda rider, Chase Sexton, finally got a good start and was running up front. Sexton commented that, “he just wants to get a start to see how he can do.” Today, his start was great, putting him in podium contention for the moto.
Once Martin had gone down, Cianciarulo and Osborne began to check out from the pack. Osborne was putting pressure on AC for the entire first half of the moto and they stretched it out to a lead of over twenty seconds on third place, Chase Sexton. Osborne eventually made the move on Cianciarulo as Adam went a little wide in a turn, opening the door for Osborne to sneak in. 
As for Sexton, he held third place and was fighting off the pressure from Colt Nichols until the final lap. On the final lap, Sexton crashed hard as he ran into the back of a lapped rider. He then crashed hard again shortly after that before crossing the finish line. 
The unfortunate events with Sexton gave Colt Nichols his first career podium, giving him third place. Osborne went on to win the moto with Cianciarulo getting second. Cianciarulo commented on the mid moto collision with Martin, apologizing and saying “he would never ever intentionally cross jump someone.”
Shane McElrath did not line up today after suffering an injury to his hand on the podium last weekend at Budds Creek with the champagne bottle, that actually ended up requiring surgery. The Class was also missing Joey Savatgy and Dylan Ferrandis both out with injuries.
1. Zachary Osborne
2. Adam Cianciarulo 
3. Colt Nichols 
4. Aaron Plessinger 
5. Mitchell Harrison 
6. Sean Cantrell 
7. Bradley Taft 
8. Jeremy Martin 
9. Kyle Cunningham 
10. Chase Sexton 
11. Justin Hill 
12. RJ Hampshire 
13. Nick Gaines 
14. Lorenzo Locurcio 
15. Luke Renzland 
16. Justin Cooper 
17. Steven Clarke
18. Jayce Pennington
19. Cody Williams
20. Dylan Wright 


250 Champion Zach Osborne sweeps Ironman, ends 2017 season strong. (Photo: Rich Shepherd / Racer X Online)

Ironman 250 Moto 2
This was it, the final moto of the season. The first moto was definitely dicey and some late moto chaos showed these guys weren’t done just yet. Osborne got off on the right foot today by winning the first moto, and then takes another solid win in moto 2. 
Adam Cianciarulo ripped a huge holeshot, hanging off the back of the bike, clearly looking to get out front and run away with the race. Osborne was right there pushing Cianciarulo early, though. Plessinger was up in the mix as well wanting to make moves in that final moto of the year. After a wild first lap, Osborne made the pass on Cianciarulo. Plessinger then drives forward, passing Cianciarulo to push him back to third. But within the very same lap, Plessinger would go down. Plessinger would stay out on the track for a little longer but would ultimately pull off the track to end his day. 
Jeremy Martin was once again looking to redeem himself after his first moto fall. Halfway through the moto, Martin was running third with some serious pressure from Colt Nichols. Nichols, fresh off his first-ever podium finish in Moto 1 looked hungry for more and applied the pressure. Martins’ GEICO Honda teammate Chase Sexton ran a strong fifth place after a dissappointing Moto 1 where he crashed hard two times in the final minutes.
With just under ten minutes left on the clock, Chase Sexton got a case of the speed wobbles while in fifth place. Sexton was able to correct, only come together with his GEICO Honda teammate RJ Hampshire, causing him to go down.
1. Zachary Osborne 
2. Adam Cianciarulo 
3. Jeremy Martin 
4. Colt Nichols 
5. RJ Hampshire 
6. Chase Sexton 
7. Justin Cooper 
8. Mitchell Harrison 
9. Justin Hill 
10. Nick Gaines 
11. Lorenzo Locurcio 
12. Sean Cantrell 
13. Bradley Taft 
14. Kyle Cunningham
15. Luke Renzland 
16. Gustavo Souza 
17. Jon Ames
18. Dylan Wright 
19. Joey Crown 
20. Cody VanBuskirk
Ironman 250 Class Overall Results
1. Zachary Osborne (1-1) 
2. Adam Cianciarulo (2-2) 
3. Colt Nichols  (3-4) 
4. Jeremy Martin (8-3) 
5. Mitchell Harrison (5-8) 
6. Chase Sexton (10-6) 
7. RJ Hampshire (12-5) 
8. Sean Cantrell (6-12) 
9. Justin Hill (11-9) 
10. Bradley Taft (7-13)
11. Justin Cooper (16-7) 
12. Nick Gaines (13-10) 
13. Kyle Cunningham (9-14) 
14. Aaron Plessinger (4-40) 
15. Lorenzo Locurcio (14-11) 
16. Luke Renzland (15-15) 
17. Gustavo Souza (25-16) 
18. Jon Ames Payson (36-17) 
19. Dylan Wright (20-18) 
20. Steven Clarke (17-39)