Spring Creek Practice Report: Roczen, Savatgy Fastest

Practice laps around Millville, MN went from fast to even faster over the course of the morning while racers dialed in their rides for Round 8 of the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at the La Crescent Wine & Spirit Spring Creek National

Over the course of the two separate practice sessions for each class the track allowed 4-5 seconds of lap time improvement across the board. With such a huge gap in time showing so early, it is very likely that the final motos of the day will be the fastest laps of the day after the lines have been laid.

Adam Cianciarono qualified second fastest last weekend and the fastest the two races before that. Cianciarulo has clearly been able to show his speed during the practice laps but he still has work to do when it comes to his results in the motos. This weekend, however, Cianciarulo finished the qualifying session as sixth fastest with his fastest lap time of 2:16.184. Maybe he is saving up for the motos.

Oddly enough, the fastest riders of the practice session were Joey Savatgy and Cooper Webb after each taking setting their bikes down during the practice session.


Despite dumping his bike in a turn, Joey Savatgy clocked the fastest time for the 250 class at Spring Creek. (Photo: Simon Cudby)

Savatgy wound up tucking his front tire around a corner during the second practice session. Savatgy laying the bike down while taking a turn has become a familiar sight in recent weeks, however it did not have much of an affect on his speed as he clocked the fastest lap time in practice. Savage’s fastest time clocked in at 2:14.912.

The second fastest qualifier was the current class points overall leader,Webb. Webb took a little jump a little too far and found himself setting the bike down but he did so without any injury. After quickly hopping up and going around the track for another lap he found a his quickest lap of the day at 2:15.310.

The next riders to clock fast times for practice were Jeremy Martin (whose family owns the Millville, MN track) with the third fastest on the morning and then Austin Forkner (who qualified the fastest last weekend) qualifying fourth fastest on the morning at Spring Creek. Martin's fastest lap time of the morning was 2:15.364 while Forkner's came in at 2:15.407.

Next out were the 450s and the biggest story was around the return of riders. James Stewart and Trey Canard were both found clocking quick times during the practice sessions after sitting out for recent rounds in this 2016 series. Another rider returning to the outdoors tracks, Dean Wilson also made his return after not seeing any riding since his injury sustained much earlier in the year during the supercross season.

For Stewart it appeared to be business as usual. Typically when Stewart is riding at 100 percent he always seems to manage his way into the fastest lap times of the day, but considering he has been out for the majority of the season he looked as good as expected. After rallying his bike around the track a few laps and taking every opportunity to triple, Stewart clocked the eighth fastest qualifying time at 2:15.635.

Canard came out showing he has not lost any speed either. Canard was able to race a few rounds more than Stewart earlier in the series and was able to return much faster, too. Riding well and aggressive into the corners, Canard clocked a time of 2:13.773 which landed him with the fifth fastest qualifying time on the morning.

Then the attention shifted to the current front-runners of the class, Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac. With completely different styles, Tomac shows hard riding with very aggressive use of the berms in the turns and heavy work on the clutch to come flying out while Roczen shows an entirely softer approach to the turns where he is almost gliding his way through them and staying light on the throttle.


Ken Roczen clocked the fastest qualifying time at Spring Creek for the first time in this 2016 series. (Photo: Simon Cudby)

Tomac clocked the second fastest time of the morning at 2:11.965, but it would fall almost two seconds short of Roczen's.

Roczen was clearly enjoying himself on the track as he was seen laying into a whip over a jump for a cameraman, and when Roczen is having fun he is riding well. Roczen has no clocked any of the 2016 series fastest quailfying times, but that is to be expected from him. However, this morning he decided he would clock the fastest time seemingly without much effort at all. Roczen’s fasted time came in at 2:10.040.

Another note to mention, Kyle Chisholm had a nasty crash during the qualifying. Though he did not get hurt and appeared to ride on, Chisholm went end over end for what looked to be an injury in the making but he managed to escape unscathed.