250 East Supercross Season Kicks off in Dallas with Dean Wilson Taking the Victory

A few months ago, it was a foregone conclusion that Dean Wilson would be racing Supercross on a 450 machine this year. But following a hectic offseason in which the team he planned to race for folded, Deano ended up back at Pro Circuit on a 250. The silver lining in all of that was that Wilson now has a chance to do something he still has yet to accomplish: win a 250 Supercross championship. It all started tonight in Arlington, as the 250 Class switched to the East Coast for the next 8 races.

While the other 250 riders were lined up for the Main Event, Wilson briefly disappeared for a quick bathroom break, making it back just in time for the gate drop. He emerged 3rd behind holeshot winner Kyle Peters and Blake Wharton, while Marvin Musqin, considered to be Wilson's greatest threat, ran into Lance Vincent and fell off the bike. Up front, Deano got around both Wharton and Peters by the time the first lap had been completed. He grabbed the lead from Peters on the outside of a turn after a fast line through the whoops section and was able to check out from there. With the win, WIlson gives Mitch Payton's Pro Circuit team their first win of the season and takes the early points lead in the East Region.

Blake Wharton's path to the Main Event wasn't easy. After getting off to a bad start in his heat race, Wharton worked himself up into the top ten on the final lap. He made an aggressive pass for the final transfer spot in the race's final turn, but crashed in the process just a few feet short of the finish line. As a result, he was forced to qualify through the LCQ, which he won. After being passed by Wilson in the Main Event, Wharton was able to get around Peters on Lap 2 for 2nd and held the position down for the remainder of the race.

Canadian rider Cole Thompson rode strong and took over 3rd place from Peters on Lap 6, but came up short on a triple and went over the bars just two laps later. Peters re-inherited 3rd place and held it until being passed by GEICO Honda's Wil Hahn with 5 laps to go. Hahn and Peters finished 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Pro Circuit's rookie rider Justin Hill rounded out the top five, while Musqin battled back from his first lap crash to climb all the way up to 6th place, passing Gavin Faith on the final lap.

Faith placed 7th and was one of the night's biggest surprises. Racing in a heat that included title contenders Musqin and Hahn, Faith grabbed the holeshot and clearly wasn't intimidated by the competition. After getting passed by both riders, Faith came back with some aggressive racing to retake the lead and win his heat.

One of the rookies that everyone had their eye on in Arlington was GEICO Honda's Zach Bell. The 18-year-old picked up where he left off in the outdoor season, proving himself capable of lightning fast starts but unable to put a full race together. Bell holeshoted his heat race and grabbed a huge lead, but had a gnarly crash on a triple that left him motionless on the ground and brought out a red flag. The kid's a badass though, as he eventually walked off under his own power, then lined up for the LCQ. Bell incredibly grabbed 2nd in the LCQ and moved on to the Main Event, where he was running in the top ten until yet another crash 12 laps in knocked him out of that race.

Dallas 250SX Results

1. Dean Wilson
2. Blake Wharton
3. WIl Hahn
4. Kyle Peters
5. Justin Hill
6. Marvin Musquin
7. Gavin Faith
8. Jimmy Decotis
9. Vince Friese
10. Lance Vincent
11. Jackson Richardson
12. Mitchell Oldenburg
13. Gareth Swanepoel
14. Levi Kilbarger
15. Adam Gulley
16. Ryan Zimmer
17. Cole Thompson
18. Zach Bell
19. Brad Ripple
20. Jesse Wentland

250SX East Point Standings

1. Dean Wilson, 25
2. Blake Wharton, -3
3. WIl Hahn, -5
4. Kyle Peters, -7
5. Justin Hill, -9
6. Marvin Musquin, -10
7. Gavin Faith, -11
8. Jimmy Decotis, -12
9. Vince Friese, -13
10. Lance Vincent, -14