Eli Tomac Caps Dominant Day with 250 Moto 2 and Overall Win at Washougal

Eli Tomac has swept Washougal and is now within 1 point of tieing Ken Roczen for the points lead on the season.  Tomac came out fast with a trio of GEICO Honda riders, as Wil Hahn took the Motorcycle Superstore Holeshot and Justin Bogle followed closely behind.  Hahn went down on an early crash that sent him to the middle of the pack, and Tomac passed Bogle to take the lead before the end of the first lap.

Wil Hahn has earned the Motorcycle Superstore Holeshot in 5 of 7 motos since returning to action. (Photo: Matt Rice)

Roczen was also in the mix with the GEICO Honda guys and passed Bogle to take second place and set up a much-anticipated showdown between himself and Tomac.  Roczen managed to stay close to Tomac early on but fell behind as Tomac built up a gap and won by over 20 seconds, proving he was the fastest rider at Washougal.  Roczen finishes the day 2-2 and needs to find a way to beat Tomac at Spring Creek if he wants to keep the red plate.

Zach Osborne passed Justin Bogle on Lap 13 to pull off a 3rd-place finish in the second moto, a vast improvement from his 14th-place result earlier in the day.  Marvin Musquin finished the race 4th to go 3-4 and secure the final overall podium spot.

Blake Baggett hasn't finished higher than 8th since Moto 1 at Southwick. That's a five-moto slump. (Photo: Matt Rice)

Jason Anderson and Bogle finished 5th and 6th. Bogle fell from 3rd to 6th in the final four laps, but ends up 4-6 at Washougal and eaily had his best day of the season. He was followed by three Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki riders: Justin Hill, Blake Baggett and Martin Davalos. Combined with his DNF in Moto 1, Baggett now falls 96 points behind Roczen and has taken yet another blow to his dimming title hopes. Hill meanwhile enjoyed the best day of his young career and winds up 5th overall.

Cole Seely took 10th and was successfully able to pilot his Lucas Oil/Troy Lee Designs/Honda machine (with this week's special neon yellow paint scheme) to top ten finishes in both motos.

Don't let the color fool you. That's Cole Seely. (Photo: Matt Rice)

Tomac's dominant day should come as no surprise. The one thing holding him back has been his starts, but today that wasn't an issue. Tomac got better starts than Roczen in both motos and repeatedly found himself up near the front right away. Tomac had to contend with Bogle on the first lap of both motos, but once he got around him, it was the same story it's been all year. A clear track for Tomac equates to fast speed and a big gap on the field. His average margin of victory in moto wins entering Washougal was 16.6 seconds, and that will improve after today.

The heat is on in the 250 Class with Tomac right on Roczen's heels in the standings. Roczen will look to weather the storm and hold on to his lead the over the last 4 rounds of the season. We'll find out if he can bounce back starting next week at Spring Creek.

Things seem to be clicking in the second half of the season for Eli Tomac. (Photo: Matt Rice)

At Spring Creek, Ken Roczen is going to be in danger of losing his red plate for the first time this season. (Photo: Matt Rice)

Washougal 250 Moto 2 Results

1. Eli Tomac
2. Ken Roczen (-20.0 seconds)
3. Zach Osborne
4. Marvin Musquin
5. Jason Anderson
6. Justin Bogle
7. Justin Hill
8. Blake Baggett
9. Martin Davalos
10. Cole Seely
11. Cooper Webb
12. Jeremy Martin
13. Wil Hahn
14. Darryn Durham
15. Kyle Cunningham
16. Adam Cianciarulo
17. Kyle Peters
18. Tommy Weeck
19. Jacob Baumert
20. Ryan Zimmer

Washougal 250 Class Overall Results

1. Eli Tomac (1-1)
2. Ken Roczen (2-2)
3. Marvin Musquin (3-4)
4. Justin Bogle (4-6)
5. Justin Hill (5-7)
6. Zach Osborne (14-3)
7. Jason Anderson (11-5)
8. Martin Davalos (7-9)
9. Cole Seely (9-10)
10. Adam Cianciarulo (6-16)
11. Cooper Webb (12-11)
12. Wil Hahn (10-13)
13. Kyle Cunningham (8-15)
14. Darryn Durham (13-14)
15. Blake Baggett (35-8)
16. Jeremy Martin (24-12)
17. Kyle Peters (16-17)
18. Tommy Weeck (15-18)
19. Jacob Baumert (17-19)
20. Preston Mull (18-32)

Updated 250 Class Point Standings

1. Ken Roczen, 356
2. Eli Tomac, -1
3. Marvin Musquin, -58
4. Blake Baggett, -96
5. Zach Osborne, -117
6. Jason Anderson, -154
7. Justin Bogle, -178
8. Kyle Cunningham, -179
9. Jeremy Martinm -185
10. Cooper Webb, -197