Pro Motocross Survival Guide

The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is the real thing, with big racing on big racetracks.  Moto is pure, authentic and raw, with more racing and more fun.  Our fans are rabid and so is the action.  Our athletes are warriors and our racetracks their battlefields.  This is big!
Moto is the original extreme sport!  For over 51 years our national racetracks have hosted the world’s greatest athletes in front of the nation’s greatest fans.  Moto is steeped in tradition and for many fans a day at the races is a rites of passage.  Here, we celebrate the hard work and the dirty work.  Rise, grind, rinse, repeat.
More than a race, Motocross is an adventure.  Experience this true American Championship this summer at American’s finest racetracks. Prepare now for your Moto-Adventure!


Moto is an outdoor, get-back-to-nature, in your face fan experience, rain or shine.  The sun can burn your back or the rain can soak your clothes, but not your spirit.  Either way, be prepared, because Moto fans are not scared

 of a little rain.  In fact, some of the most exciting, iconic battles in Moto history were fought in the rain.  So bring it on!  Pack your sunscreen, throw in a poncho and an umbrella (just in case), and head to the track.
At Moto, our fans are on the move.  Our tracks are real motocross, with big obstacles and spectacular jumps.  We want you to see them all, so wear sensible shoes so you can comfortably experience the race action from any vantage point along the fence line.  Roam from point to point, or park your butt in one spot for the day.  Either way, leave the dress shoes and high heels at home.
Few sports let you get as close to the action as Moto, so you can see, feel, hear and even smell the action. Sometimes it feels like the riders are jumping right over your head!  And the sights don’t stop when the racing ends—head toward the podium at the end of the day and wash off the roost with a champagne shower from the race winners.
People watching is a spectator sport too, and you will be amazed at what you will see at the races.  We can guarantee that 100% (insert product placement).  Bring your sun glasses - not only do they protect your eyes from dangerous rays, but they make you look really cool.
Motocross is a family sport, and kids of all ages are always welcome.  But remember, Moto has twice as many bikes on the track as the indoors, which means twice the engine roar.  You may want to bring some earbuds and shading for the small kids, and pack a lunch or snacks that they will want.  Feel free to bring your own food and drinks (including adult beverages – but please, no glass containers).  Or visit our many food vendors - racetrack cuisine is a unique experience all its own.  
The on-track action runs from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, with main motos at 1:00 pm.  These are long, action- packed days with tons to see and do, so pace yourself.  And just like the racers, you need to be prepared to beat the heat.  It’s summer, it’s hot …. you are going to sweat! Drink plenty of fluids, wear a hat (especially if you look good in one) and find yourself some shade throughout the day.  When the checkered flag falls, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you survived one of the greatest experiences in motorsports!

By its very nature, Moto is held at racetracks in mostly rural communities, which means most fans will have to travel a bit to get there.  What a great reason for a summer road trip!  That’s part of the adventure.  Leave early so you can get to the track in plenty of time to park and make your way to the gate before the race action starts.  
Once you get there, scout out all the various spectating points, stake out your territory, and visit the vendors in Sponsor Village.  If you ’re lucky enough to get a Pit Pass (everyone can be lucky – for $20), you may even get a rider autograph.  While autographs are not guaranteed, every top rider signs autographs in their pits Saturday morning.  Check the posted autograph times at your favorite rider’s pit.
Credit cards are welcome for gate admission to all racetracks and at most novelty/souvenir shops, but not all food vendors, so bring a little cash just in case you really have to have that giant kielbasa or elephant ear.
These can be long days, and sooner or later nature will call.  While most tracks have flushing toilet trailers, you can expect to find porta-johns throughout the facility.  Remember, bladder damage is real, but not the monsters below.  Don’t be afraid to let the kids off the bus. 

Enjoy yourself, but remember you share the day with other people, including kids. Don’t be a jackass.  While we encourage you to root (loudly) for your favorite rider, show respect for all riders and fans. 

Your day is not complete until you share your experience on social media – remember, you’re at a great race while your other friends are sitting on a couch somewhere being lame.  Carpe Diem!  Show them what a great time you are having.  #ProMotocross #RealRacing
The Pro Motocross experience is what you make of it.  There are no excuses for not having a great time.  
See you at the races.